Client Care Center

At Becker & Poliakoff, client service has been our #1 priority for the past four decades. Our Client CARE Center has been providing our clients with extraordinary service since its launch in 2010. This concierge service is a unique innovation in Florida's legal industry by providing the same level of attention and problem-solving that consumers expect when contacting any type of business. We are proud to offer this advantage exclusively to our clients.

What exactly does CARE provide to our clients that is not being offered elsewhere? We show we care by visiting our clients personally and calling them regularly just to check in with them to make sure they have everything they need and want. Becker & Poliakoff clients appreciate the fact that they have a "one stop shop" and can contact CARE 24 hours a day by using our after-hours voicemail and email systems for their questions and requests. Our CARE Center answers those questions and requests expeditiously. All new clients to the Firm are welcomed by CARE and as much time as needed is spent to ensure that our clients understand the abundance of free resources that is now available to them as a client of the Firm including access to our client portal, blogs, newsletters, guidebooks, classes and events.

Naturally, time spent with our Client CARE Center staff is never billed. Even if you never contact CARE, don't be surprised if CARE contacts you with a call, a visit or even one of our famous CAREkits just to show you that we value you as a client of Becker & Poliakoff.

The Becker & Poliakoff Client CARE Center is available for client questions and requests at your convenience. Let us show you how much we care by contacting us toll free at 1-844-CAREBP1 (227-3271) or via email at